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Osteopath Specialized in the Treatment of Spinal Problems in Saint-Jacques

Located in Saint-Jacques, the Osteopathy clinic Gilbert sauvé et fils provides treatment for spinal problems.

Pain relief and posture correction

We make spinal adjustment by gentle manipulations and precise mobilizations. We adopt a therapeutic approach based on different osteopathic techniques (structural, visceral and cranial).

Our goal is to relieve pain and correct our patients' posture. For over 30 years, we have been caring for children, adults, athletes and the elderly.

30 years of experience in the field of osteopathy.


 Spinal Problems  Saint-Jacques Lanaudière Terrebonne

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We choose the best treatment after identifying the exact cause of the problem. Whether you are suffering from back pain, low back pain or neck pain, we take into account your medical history and morphology before providing the appropriate treatment. Our clinic is recognized across Canada.

Our patients come from Terrebonne (Lanaudière) and various cities throughout Quebec.

Our clinic is renowned across Canada


Back pain Saint-Jacques Lanaudière Terrebonne

The benefits of osteopathy:

Strengthens the flexibility of your spine
Rebalances your body
Improves the quality of your sleep