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A Clinic That Specializes in Structural Osteopathy in Saint-Jacques

The Osteopathy clinic Gilbert Sauvé et fils is located in Saint-Jacques.

Our structural osteopathy specialists are at your service.

A set of manoeuvres, mobilizations and manipulations

Structural osteopathy is a set of manual manoeuvres, mobilizations and manipulations. It is used to relieve muscle and joint pain in order to facilitate movement and restore mobility.

As specialists in the field, we find the causes of blockage or pain. We then use different mobilization techniques to stimulate the body. Little by little, your body will find the resources it needs to heal itself.

A therapy with multiple benefits


Structural osteopathy Saint-Jacques Lanaudière Terrebonne

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In-depth knowledge of human anatomy

We have in-depth knowledge in human anatomy and joint biomechanics. Your health and well-being are our only concerns. From diagnosis to treatment, you will deal with experienced therapists. After the sessions, you will feel much better and free from all sources of nervous tension.

Our treatments are intended for babies, children, adults, the elderly and pregnant women. Many of our patients come from Lanaudière: Terrebonne, Mascouche, L'Assomption, etc.

Your health and well-being is our priority


Structural osteopathy Saint-Jacques Lanaudière Terrebonne

Structural osteopathy is used to treat: