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Osteopath Specialized in the Treatment of Infants in Saint-Jacques

Located in Saint-Jacques, the Osteopathy clinic Gilbert Sauvé et fils provides treatment for infants

Osteopathy can ease your little one's suffering

We practice gentle joint, muscle and visceral mobilizations to ease your baby's pain. Among other things, we can treat digestive problems, colic, sleep disorders and torticollis.

We can also release the accumulated tension on cervical spine. Trust our experienced osteopaths if you live in Terrebonne, Mascouche (Lanaudière) or any other city in Quebec?

A healthy baby


Treatment for infants Saint-Jacques Lanaudière Terrebonne

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Effective treatments to restore physical balance

After giving birth, be alert of symptoms affecting the baby. If you notice that your baby's head is slightly bigger, sticking his/her tongue out after breastfeeding or cries constantly and for no apparent reason, make an appointment for a consultation.

During the sessions, we will restore the neurological and physical balance of your little one.

As specialist in the field, we also provide osteopathic treatments for pregnant women.

Your baby is in good hands


Treatment for infants Saint-Jacques Lanaudière Terrebonne

Here is a small list of situations that require osteopathic manipulation:

Cord tower
Epidural delivery
Premature baby
Caesarean section