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Specialists in Visceral Osteopathy in Saint-Jacques

Located in Saint-Jacques, the Osteopathy clinic Gilbert Sauvé et fils has a team of specialists offering their skills and experience for visceral manipulation.

About Visceral Osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy is a therapy that corrects problems and abnormalities of the viscera: liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder, heart...

We master the various methods and therapeutic care associated with this form of medication. During the sessions, we apply varying degrees of pressure to the chest, abdomen and pelvic area. The main objective of the treatment is to relieve pain and find a solution for functional disorders.

A perfect knowledge of the therapeutic methods specific to visceral osteopathy


Visceral Osteopathy Saint-Jacques Lanaudière Terrebonne

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Therapy sessions

First, we examine the patient and ask about their medical history. We then group the symptoms to determine the cause of discomfort. Third, we palpate the affected area to check the mobility of the organ and to test the ligaments and mesos associated with them. Fourth, we adopt appropriate therapeutic measures to treat the ailment.

We also offer special care and treatment for infants. Our patients are mostly from Lanaudière (Terrebonne, Mascouche, L'Assomption, Joliette, Lavaltrie...).

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Visceral Osteopathy Saint-Jacques Lanaudière Terrebonne

We can treat: